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Frequently Asked Questions About Fatality Free Friday

Why just one day? Why not every day?

This is probably the number one question asked about Fatality Free Friday. The answer is that major changes in behaviour are rarely achieved in one fell swoop. Rather, they are implemented gradually until they become a daily habit. We believe that if drivers are asked to actively concentrate on road safety and safe driving for just one day in the year, they’ll drive safer for the next few days too and, over time, change their outlook completely, consciously thinking about safety each and every day they get behind the wheel.

But surely no one goes out deliberately looking for an accident?

Of course they don’t. But they also don’t go out deliberately looking to avoid one either. Many – possibly the majority – of drivers get from place to place not actively ‘driving’ but doing a range of other things at the same time. Things like talking on the mobile phone or rummaging in the console for a CD are obvious issues but we also allow outselves to be distracted from the task we should be concentrating on by such things as mentally planning the day ahead, interacting with passengers or looking at the scenery. But driving a vehicle is not just about pushing pedals and changing gears. Of central importance is mental attitude and being alert to potentially dangerous situations unfolding before us. Certainly, genuine accidents cannot be stopped – but, in fact, very few crashes, etc are genuinely ‘accidental’; they usually involve some degree of warning or lack of preparedness on the part of drivers that might have alleviated the situation.

When was Fatality Free Friday started?

Fatality Free Friday and the Fatality Free Friday Road Safety Pledge were founded in 2007 to coincide with the United Nations Global Road Safety Week. Fatality Free Friday is Australia’s only community-based national road safety campaign.

Why a community-based campaign?

Because this gives a greater sense of ownership of the solution. People often say of things: “Someone should do something about that.” What they should be saying is: “I should do something about that.”

What is the pledge? What am I promising to do?

The Fatality Free Friday Road Safety Pledge is simply a commitment to yourself, your family and friends to do your best to use the roads safely on Fatality Free Friday. You can select a pledge that suits you – a pledge for an individual adult, a workplace pledge, a children’s pledge or a school pledge. It’s free and you’re not being asked to donate money or do anything except stay safe.

What do you do with my details when I take the pledge?

The only details we ask for are:

  • your name, email, postcode, State, and
  • how you heard about Fatality Free Friday.

We ask for your name so that our system can generate a customised Pledge.  The survey question asking how you heard about Fatality Free Friday is simply used by us to understand where people are learning about Fatality Free Friday.