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What Individuals And Families Can Do

There are many ways you can help to make 25 May 2018 a Fatality Free Friday on Australian roads.

As an individual, if you do nothing more than keep road safety in mind during the day, the life you save might just be your own. On Fatality Free Friday:

  • Each time you get behind the wheel, be mindful of safe driving
  • Be patient with other road users, including cyclists and pedestrians
  • Stay alert
  • Don’t speed
  • Slow down if it’s wet

But you’ll help do a whole lot more if you share the message around:

  • Tell family, friends and colleagues that 26 May 2017 is Fatality Free Friday and ask them to take care on the roads
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper at least one week prior to the day telling them about Fatality Free Friday
  • Consider organising a road safety activity

Families have even more opportunities to make a difference:

  • Remind your family members that you love them and ask them to take care when they get behind the wheel
  • Let neighbours and friends know about Fatality Free Friday and ask them to take care on the roads
  • Make sure children are wearing helmets while playing on bicycles and remind them to watch out for cars and other road users
  • Parents, take extra care in school in set-down zones
  • While you’re out and about, remember how your family would feel if you had an accident
  • Set a good example to your children (or even your parents!) by driving calmly and safely
  • Consider organising a road safety activity.

Also, you can show your support for Fatality Free Friday by adding your message or personal road safety story to the Fatality Free Friday Pledge Guestbook.